Be ready to take on cancer before, during, and after treatment

Be Ready to Take on Cancer Before, During, and After Treatment


Find information from cancer experts to help you better understand your cancer diagnosis


Discover tools and tips that help you partner with your doctor at every step of your cancer journey


Find your voice and feel confident making important decisions about your cancer treatment and care

Know the Common Cancer Treatments

Understand your type of cancer

Learning about your cancer diagnosis can help prepare you for your journey, and can help you make decisions with your doctor. See information about some common types of cancer.

See common types of cancer
Common Types of Cancer Treatments

Know the common cancer treatments

Doctors treat each type of cancer differently. Use this information to learn about the treatment options your doctor may talk about with you.

Learn about cancer treatments
Managing Side Effects of Cancer

Learn about side effects of cancer

When going through cancer treatment, you may have side effects or symptoms. Learn how to talk with your doctor about what you’re experiencing and how you can manage common side effects at home.

Manage side effects
Manage Cancer Treatment Costs

Manage the cost of cancer

It’s common for the financial side of cancer care to cause stress and worry. Use these tips to learn what costs to expect with your treatment and care.

Manage cancer costs